Social Stories: Rethink, Reboot, Reimagine (Carol Gray)

The Out-of-Sync Teen: Growing Up with Sensory Processing Disorder (Carol Stock Kranowitz)

ASK THE AUTISTIC WEREWOLF: Autism Insight (Wolf Dunaway)

Autistic Sensory Spectrum Life in an Overstimulating World (Christa Holmans)

Finding Your Place of Belonging Part 1 (Daniel Wendler)

Mindfulness and Movement to Balance the Sensory System (Sarah & Vito Gigante)

Story Keepers: Brothers and Sisters Share Their Insight (Eve Band)

Language Fun in the “LAB” (BCPS Assistive Tech Team)

Creating a Contingency Plan for Safety in the Community and at Home (Elizabeth Plumb & Katherine Holman)

Descriptions of each breakout can also be emailed. send request to [email protected]